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about me

SAG-AFTRA   |  Height: 5'8   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brunette

Throughout elementary and middle school, I was actively performing in plays and musicals. In high school, I began attending The Performers Academy in Orange County where I trained in scene study and on-camera techniques. 


From there, I received a scholarship to attend a business college in New York City where I eventually found my first modeling agent. I then went to college in Santa Barbara where I studied film and performing arts. I moved to Los Angeles shortly afterwards. 

Since I've been in LA, I've worked on a few TV shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm, have started a web series with Luis Guzman called Louey & Bri TV, and have studied with master teachers Marjorie Ballantine, Deborah Aquila, Annie Grindlay, and Robert D'Avanzo. I've also trained with UCB.


selected credits


Curb Your Enthusiasm                            Co-Star                                                      HBO

Louey & Bri TV                                       Series Regular                                       Youtube

Twisted Sisters                                       Co-Star                          Investigation Discovery


What A Pool Believes                             Principle                                       dir. Ted Mills

Protocol                                                 Principle                                      dir. Dave Seal


Acting: Marjorie Ballantine, Deborah Aquila, Robert D'Avanzo, Annie Grindlay

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